• Product class: Products Petroleum Drilling Equipment Skid-mounted Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ40CZ/K rigs for the self-host,driving the use of 8*8 chassis drivers,install two CAT C-15 diesel engine.Single drum winch,power passed into the main roller chain,the achievement of lifting operations.Main brake hydraulic disc brake,auxiliary brake used EATON WCB324.Crane roller set up the main anti-collision devices.Derrick five packages for non-vertical rope stretched K-derrick,hoisting machinery,hydraulic vertical telescopis pneumatic and hydraulic winch.

    Vertical derrick structure to enhance the stability of the rig,all small modular structure,easy to transport installation.

    Technical parameters: 

     Product model  ZJ40CZ/K
     Nominal drilling depth (ft)
     Rated load for hoisting system (lbs)
     Hook speed (ft/s)
     Mast height (ft)
     Rated power for engine (hp)
     The pressurization capacity for hoisting system (lbs)
     Max pressure for slurry system (psi)
     Max discharge capacity for slurry system (usgal/min)

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