• Product class: Products Petroleum Drilling Equipment Skid-mounted Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ40DB skid-mounted rig is deisgend and absorpted in China and abroad, summed up factories for many years on the basis of drilling and workover machine manufacturing experience, in order to adapt to the oil companies drilling contractor low cost strategy, enhance market competition ability and developed portable drilling equipment. Adopts modular structure: divided into left and right basis, host module, such as skiing, rig, derrick is convenient for transportation. Each module combination with "V" connection, tear open outfit is convenient, assembly don't need to manual alignment. 

    Technical parameters: 

     Nominal drilling depth
     5″drilling pipe 2000 m ~3200 m
     4 1/2″drilling pipe 2500 m ~4000 m
     Maximum hook load
     2250kN (5×6)
     Installed power
     Derrick height
     43 m
     Travel system
     Hook speed
     0.2~1.3m/s (6×5)
     Center pipe of hydraulic tap
     φ76mm(double stack)
     Height of drilling floor

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