• Product class: Products Petroleum Drilling Equipment Skid-mounted Drilling Rigs
  • ZJ30DB rig rated the drilling depth of 3000 meters (4 "pipe), suitable for live within 3000 meters of oil, gas and water well drilling. For skid module structure, easy to migration, host driven by ac frequency conversion motor, pump driven by diesel engine and torque converter set and ac frequency conversion motor drive two forms, drill complete equipments, advanced structure, high reliability, large power reserve, convenient installation.

    Technical parameters:  

     Nominal drilling depth m
     3000(41/2″drilling pipe)
     Maximum hook load KN
     Traveling sheave
     Derrick steel structures
     K erect type
     Lifting way
     Mechanical erection
     Effective height m
     Wind loading rating km/h
     Temperature ℃
     Weight of main frame t

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