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  • ZJ40LDB,pneumatic brake assist, easy to operate, braking effect is good, can decide the brakes, and can be used for the auxiliary brake, safe and reliable. Winch with crown touch device, emergency brakes, brake dead prevention device. Equipped with escape, derrick booster, slide, guardrail, up and down the ladder safety protection measures, such as to ensure that the emergency of the emergency response in the process of drilling.

    Technical parameters: 

     Nominal drilling depth
     4 1/2″drill pipe 2500 m ~4000 m

     5″drill pipe 2000 m ~3200 m
     Maximum hook load
     2250kN (5×6)
     Installed power
     Derrick height
     43 m
     Travel system
     Hoisting rope diameter
     Hook speed
     0.2~1.3m/s (6×5)
     Height of drilling floor

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