Slant-well workover rigs
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  • The slant-well workover rigs can be used for service and workover operations on the slant oil, gas and water wells with a slant degree of 45°~80° and well depth of less than 5000ft.

    The chassis is a heavy-duty 8x4 drive chassis with a hydraulic steering system, which has a good cruise performance.

    The whole unit could be moved in both longitudinal and transverse directions with a stepless adjustable function to allow the wellhead to be centralized quickly and conveniently.
    The monkey board and light-duty working platform are lifted hydraulically and locked mechanically, which is safe and reliable.

    These workover rigs can also be used for slant-well drillings after being equipped with a power swivel.

    Technical parameters:

     Max. hook load (lbf)
     Inclination angle of the mast
     Longitudinal adjustable scope (in)
     Transverse adjustable scope (in)
     Rotary adjustable scope
     Traveling system
     Drawworks gearshifts
     Max. gradient ability
     Turning diameter (ft)
     Overall dimension (ft)
     The whole unit weight (lb)

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