Iron roughneck
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  • The portable iron roughman with a large working scope is a novel multi-function power tong which can be used to tighten and dismantle connections. It can also replace both the DP power tong for spinning and B type tong for break-out function.
    The compact iron roughman can be fixed on the substructure and adjusted on the top-and-down positions and the forward –and –backward directions. 
    The iron roughman is controlled hydraulically and it’s torque and speed can be adjusted swiftly in order to realize the foregoing-option maximums on the positive and negative directions. In addition, the top-buckle torques can be controlled exactly with the purpose of DP protection.
    A split-type structure is adopted utilized so as to avoid the bending of DP caused by large torque and the skidding of DP inside the slip.
    The clamping of the up-and- down tongs can be conducted via clamping cylinder and clamping block, which the clamping unit also can be automatically re-centered to make the new –and- old DP connections credibly clamped.

    Safety and inspection measures are strengthened under the guidance of the design concept of “Humanism Above All” to meet the requirements of HSE. 

    Technical parameters:

     Max pressure on the hydraulic system (psi)
     Max tighten torque (ft.lbf)
     Max dismantle torque (ft.lbf)
     Spinning torque (N.m)
     Spinning speed (r/min)
     Connection height (in)
     23 5/8-49 1/4
     Vertical movement distance (in)
     25 1/2 
     Weight (lbs)

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