Coiled tubing unit
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  • Product Name: Coiled Tubing Service
    Product Description:

    Coiled tubing unit is co-production by Shengli Highland company and a Holland company which is self-propelled operation equipment and composed of chassis, truck mounted operation unites, BOP stack and so on. The character of coiled tubing unit is as follow: delicate architecture, convenient transportation and installation, beefy cross-country capability, comfortable operation, large volume capacity, strong lifting ability and so on which make coiled tubing unit suitable for complex operational mode and road transport.

    1. Main Technical Parameter:

    Item Parameters
    Max.Capacity(1.25”CT,m) 11,280
    (1.5”CT, m) 7,640
    (1.75”CT,m) 5,570
    (2” CT,m) 4,260
    Drive mode 8×8
    Engine Power 300kW/2100rpm(400hp/2100rpm)
    Outside Dimensions(L×W×H) 12.0×2.55×4.00m
    Whole Quality kg 54,000
    Max Speed of Truck km/h 83
    Max.climb Angle(Full Load)(%) 45
    Approach Angle (°) 26
    Departure Angle (°) 16
    Ground Clearance(DrumLifting mm) 320
    (Normal Speed Condition mm) 200
    Min.turning diameter m 32
    Work Temperature -40℃-+50℃(-4℉-20℉)

    2. Technique Features:

    1.Integrated design, delicate architecture, small turning radius, high operation efficiency, met little well site and fast installation/disassemble.
    2.Chasses with sectionalized frame is assembled and welded with high intensity hot rolled steel plate, which is light and big load capacity; chassis is full wheel drive and cross-country capability is strong.
    3.Elevating control cabin can clearly observe the coiled tubing and the injector head above well. All-weather assembled control room supplies clear and comfortable surrounding with high level insulation, HV (forceful electric power)/ electronic control board, advanced air-condition.
    4.Elevating drum can in the frame of truck when normal running; maximal height of transportation is no more than 4m with nominal hang equipment and minimum ground clearance can raise from 200mm to 600mm under complicated road conditions, which improve noticeably adaptability.
    5.Drum is driven by hydraulic pressure, and it only needs to replace three top rolls of racker roller, injector head holder and gooseneck, then 1”~2 3/8’’ tubing may be applied. These replacement units is humanity, simple and quick, low labor intensity .
    6.Advanced injector head with four chains has terse architecture and strong lifting ability; and four chains construction can decline effectively coiled tubing deformation during injection process. Two tandem injector heads can meet complex well condition under special necessary surrounding.
    7.Injector head and related pressure control unites lies beside of the truck and coiled tubing is in injector head from start to finish under transportation environment.
    8.Chasses has passed the quality of 3C, and injector head, control cabin have passed the quality of ATEX and met well site explosion proof demand which have high safety.
    9.SmartMonitor control system is adopted, performance is steady and maintenance is convenient.

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