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  • ZJ30K skid-mounted rig is to meet within 3000 m (4 "pipe) light oil, gas and water Wells of exploration and development needs of the development, the whole machine adopts skid-mounted modularized structure, assisted with v-shaped lock pin connection, easy to tear open outfit, removed, drive and transmission scheme is reasonable; Lifting and docking derrick every block is domestic initiative, good stability; Host USES carter double way of hydraulic drive of diesel engine and allison transmission, torque characteristic, power efficiency is high, can be as spare, good reliability, low operating costs; Can also be driven by ac frequency conversion motor, has better driving characteristics, easy to implement process automatic monitoring and automatic control of a drilling rig; Saves based container type structure, the air compressor machine room, hydraulic station, material room and tool room, removed trains was decreased, and the well site area; High strength of sled type base to close the whole derrick.

    Technical parameters: 

     Dilling depth m
     2500(5″Drilling pipe)
     Maximum hook load KN
     Hook speed
     Derrick height m
     Engine model 
     CAT3408C DITA or 2*C-15 ATAAC
     Transmissions type
     Traveling block hook type
     Rotary table 

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